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  1. Is it too soon to make feature requests? I work in an academic publishing office, and I work on ebook production, among other things. So I am concerned about document workflow--getting XML and HTML files into and out of InDesign. It is nightmarish--what it outputs is horrible rubbish that needs a lot of cleaning up. In today's world, print is only one stop among many, and our tools need to reflect that. (import/export of MathML and/or Latex would be way cool). Just making the text look pretty is not enough--I need it to be rationally structured, formatable, searchable, etc. Also, while I am asking for the moon, can I run it on Linux too? There are no good design tools for Linux--I am still mad at Adobe for killing the non-Windows versions of FrameMaker. There--I said it--what I really want is my FrameMaker for Mac back again. And Linux. Please!

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