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  1. @walt.farrellI did toggle that to see if it made a difference, but it did not. @GabeI found this other post where users are discussing the same issue. I found this post after I posted here. I didn't mean to make a duplicate, but they are discussing the exact issue there.
  2. It is the default round brush from the Basic Category. By default the opacity does not change relative to pen pressure. The only change I made to this brush was to set Accumulation Jitter to 100% and then set it to "Pressure".
  3. Yeah I ended up going back to 1.8 with a different workaround: First I opened the files I wanted to work with in 1.9 and then saved as .psd. Once I reverted back to 1.8 I opened the .psd files in Affinity and then saved as .afphoto again. This was the only way I could continue working on my paintings with the original brush behavior.
  4. I've had this same issue with my Wacom Intuos 3. Not sure if it has been fixed in 1.9, but it was doing the same thing for me before.
  5. I'm just seeing this post as I have the same issue and posted about it today. As a painter using this as a replacement for Photoshop this is such a huge thing for me. Glad to know they're working on it. Painting on pause for now
  6. Also, this doesn't seem to be an issue with the Performance Enable setting. It does the same thing whether this setting is turned off or on.
  7. I just updated to the new version and the brush behavior seems drastically different. I mainly use the round brush for painting and I liked that it's behavior is similar to that of Photoshop. I'm attaching photos of how this looks before and after the update. Before the update there was a smooth/flat transition when painting with the round brush. After the update you can see that the brush seems to stamp individual circles. I tried adjusting this with the spacing parameter, but it just made the stamping more dense (as in the bottom two strokes in the after image). I reverted to the old version to make the before image and thought I could just stay with the old version, but it won't let me open my old files. I can't open the old files even if they were never opened or saved with the newer version. Is there a new setting I should be using to go back to the previous behavior? Thanks for any help!
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