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  1. Hello everyone! Update here Finally after about 43 Days the money is back/refunded into my banking account! i did the purchase in february 2 of 2021. Hope this thread is useful to someone in the future!
  2. Hey everyone, a quick update one this, more than 28 days have passed by, yet no refund on my accout nor license key for the software. Any tips on what i can do in this situation?
  3. Thank you @PaulEC i did not know that, i'll take a look to the free trial 👀
  4. hey @ymohd same here, as far as i know (since i have the same problem and they have replied to me), you have to wait up to 28 days for the money to drop back into your account 😕
  5. update: got a response from the affinity mail, basically gotta wait up to 28 days for the money to drop back in my account 😕
  6. Hi, same here, i wrote the affinity mail since february 2, still have no response and my bank app shows me that the money was billed, i might as well start looking for other software alternatives
  7. Hey @Joy Morris Same here, i wrote them since February 2 yet no response 😐
  8. yes, its quite a bummer for me too @arondene @SFurniss i already emailed the direction you suggested, i'm still waiting for a response 👀
  9. Thank you for your response @SFurniss i sent the e-mail to the address you suggested, i will wait for the response. However i dont see any pending transactions in my app, it says that it was correctly billed I wonder if there's any other store front that sells the affinity software, like steam perphaps? I'll update as soon as i get more information
  10. Hello Everyone, I decided to purchase affinity designer and photo today, however, when i entered my credit card info and pressed the pay button the website gave me an error message that said that my payment had been declined, in that moment my banking app notified me that the purchase was done(and so the money was billed), i checked my account and it shows no order history nor licenses and the money in my bank app is now gone. is there anything that i can do to get my money refunded or the software licenses? Thanks everyone
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