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  1. Just upgraded to 1.9 on my Mac. It refreshes fine, but whenever I go to the "My account under the heading "Affinity Designer," option it turns gray. I've tried turning off employee monitoring and rebooting the computer yet the size of the person icon in the top application doesn't change." I thought, it was because the beta version was still installed so I completely uninstalled it from my computer and re-launched the official Affinity Designer 1.9. Same problem-the gray color is still there and clicking on the person icon doesn't do anything.
  2. I realized that a lot of adobe users are having trouble getting the Neural filters to work properly. I had the same issue. I found this useful- this
  3. I definitely will be contributing . Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone...Jane here. Newbie... I've been lurking on the forum for some time now and I must say...I love this forum. I look forward to learn more and give my contributions
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