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  1. Thanks to those who have replied to my post. I did find the solution myself later, after posting this, I had previously looked under View in the menu bar and even looked at Customizing the Tool Bar, but I looked only at customizing the Side tool bar, not the Top toolbar. After looking at this a second time I did find customizing the Top toolbar and therein found the answer to my question. Question: Is it by Default that the Auto Levels only is shown? I consider this Post to be closed, with thanks to all.
  2. Working my way through this tremendous book and got stumped at Chapter 2, Core Skills, Automatic Adjustments. I loaded "adjustment_auto.jpg" the first instruction. The second instruction says, "From the top Toolbar, click either: "Auto Levels" or "Auto Contrast",or "Auto Colours" or "Auto White Balance", I can see "Auto Levels" but I cannot see the other three items nor can I find these items anywhere. Is there some version problem, I am running Affinity Photo Version 1.6.6? Disappointed that I could not complete this exercise because I couldn't find the referred items, am I missing something? Otherwise, up to this point, I have been able to follow along with no problem; this is really a very good work book, I have learned more by doing these exercises than I have from many other videos and tutorials. Thanks , Victor
  3. Hi I am Victor living in the sunny Okanagan Valley in Southern British Columbia, Canada. I am a long time photography hobbyist and Aperture user. Looking for something to replace Aperture when it will no longer work on my Mac. I have checked out On1 and Macphun and while good they don't hold a candle to Affinity - imho! SoI have made the plunge and have purchase Affinity this morning. I have never used Photoshop or LightRoom so cannot comment about them, but I do know that they have been the photo editing standard for a very long time, but now that Affinity Photo have come onto the scene they have a very serious rival and a far less expensive one! I am now retired and enjoying my photography work more than ever (how can I call it 'work'?). I want to add that I know that Affinity Photo will not import, catalogue and organize photos as Aperture does and still have not found any that can, and I include Apple Photos. I trust that my photography life (and many great photos) will be enriched by my association with Affinity, may it be a long one! Thanks to all the developers of Affinity, I believe that you have enhanced the lives on many photographers - pros and hobbyists!
  4. I installed the 'Trial Version about 7 days ago from Affinity Photo website. Now I have purchased Affinity Photo from the Mac AppStore, so I now have two versions on my computer. How do I delete the 'Trial Version? Thanks
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