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  1. That's great, but I honestly can NOT use Affinity until there's a proper export preview, like in Photoshop/Fireworks.
  2. Of course, I completely agree. The only problem is that it looks that this feature has been in the works for years now, so how many more years will it take to get a proper, professional export preview?
  3. I was so happy to see this finally added. Yay! But the preview is quite basic. We need more granular export and preview options. Like 👇
  4. I get that - but I can't use my non-beta trial key to activate the beta. How can I test it?
  5. Hi, Is there really still no preview? How can I test the beta?
  6. Hi, I am looking for replacements for Adobe's apps, and it seems the Affinity apps are a great answer to Adobe's greedy subscription model. I have some questions, though and I hope you can help me. 😊 - Where is export preview? I see export, but there's no preview. I can't see options for matte, transparency, etc. - It seems there's a lot of overlap between Photo/Designer/Publisher. I tested one file containing bitmap images and vectors, exported from Adobe Fireworks as PSD, and all three seem to open it and are able to manipulate it. Is there a comparison of their features somewhere? Is there something that one of these can do that the others can't? - It looks like Designer is the closest alternative to Adobe Fireworks. Is that correct? Thank you! :)
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