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  1. Hi Patrick, Thank you for changing my display name because, when I think about it, it may have attracted a lot of spam. I have been using Adobe Photoshop for 10 years and my goal is to cut the cord with Adobe over the next few months. I find Affinity Photo very intuitive but there are a few things that are just done a little differently. Nevertheless, I find the UI of Affinity photo very pleasing and even more slick compared with Photoshop and with a little more experience I think I might be able to give Photoshop the flick for good.
  2. Hello, Please ignore my question as I have solved the problem myself in the meantime. A straight answer in relation to converting a path (vector path created with the pen tool) one merely needs to click on "SELECTION" on the context sensitive menu - it is as simple as this.
  3. None of the answers are of any help to me. I think the question was, how can a path (created by the pen tool) to be converted into a selection. None of the suggestions given above achieve this. For example, after having created a path (separate layer) and clicking on the mask button part of the context sensitive options, nothing happens and no selection is visible.
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