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  1. Dan C Thanks for your input. The photos were shot using a tripod. However, it was a breezy day. Thanks you for the link you provided. I'll look into what you have provided, for aligning and then focus stacking. The files I used were Tiff exported from Capture One. **I was unable to find the tutorial on aligning layers. Could you please send me the link? Thank You BTW: PS CS6 was able to align and stack the three photos. See attached result.
  2. Just downloaded the and did a 3 photo focus merge using tiff files. The photos didn't along properly as with the prior version. I assume that the default is auto align? Focus merge interface didn't provide for any way to adjust alignment. Thanks for your assistance.
  3. I'm using I just tried HDR merge with Olympus ORF files and TIFF versions of the ORF files they both worked! Thanks, Tom
  4. Gabe: Thank you ,! Problem solved with the 90day trial!!
  5. When creating a HDR image, with two or three Tiff files the software crashes when loading the Tone Map. Auto ghosting is checked. I signed up for a 90day trial 3 or 4 days ago, but the start up screen tells me I have 9 days left. If I turn off Tone Map, the HDR process completes. I tried the panorama stitching and focus stitching both work well. Thank you for your help! Regards, Tom Wiggins
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