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  1. I'm such a nerd that I reformat the entire system if I install something new like a GPU The renderer was set to the GPU, however setting it WARP fixed it (I'm guessing that's CPU). Next time Nvidia comes out with new drivers I'll try switching back to GPU and see if it's better.
  2. Just tried 1.7.3 and the issue still persists, now tried 4 different versions. Could this be some AMD or Nvidia related bug. The program was fine when I used it on an RTX 2070S.
  3. Hi, I recently formatted my PC and installed the latest Affinity Photo. When I hover the mouse over the tools it's like the program grinds to a halt, mouse starts lagging over the UI, 5 fps style. It's worse the heavier the tool I'm using, e.g. if I use gradient tool it lags even more and eventually crashes. I'm running Ryzen 3900x and RTX 3080, should make light work of a photo program. I also tried previous version but it's the same behavior. It was fine on this computer when using some older version I can't remember. I thought it was fair to let you know that is happening in the latest versions. Should I got back to some 1.7.xx version?
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