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    GODLIKE99KINGZ got a reaction from Leigh in Microsoft Store - Sign In to account Broken   
    You Devs should know that when I installed version downloaded from Affinity website and signed-in to my account. Sign-in option became available and working on Microsoft Store version too. I guess this is why u don't get this error cos u have both installed.
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    GODLIKE99KINGZ got a reaction from walt.farrell in Microsoft Store Workspace settings location for Win10x64 20H2   
    I notices that when I Upgrade system to New Version files stayed in old place but when i did Fresh system 20H2 Installation downloaded via MediaCreationTool20H2 it wasnt there
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    GODLIKE99KINGZ got a reaction from loukash in Foreground / Background Color on 1 column Toolbar   
    Hi. I need "Foreground / Background Color" on 1 column toolbar. At the moment It shows when 2 columns are selected. Can u make it as Default for 1 Column please. 2 columns is a waste of space just to have this. Pic attached

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