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  1. I new to Affinity Designer, I have noticed that a couple of a grouped layers in the Layers panel is underlined with a blue fading line. What does that mean? Thanks in advance
  2. Yes, Affinity Designer. Would you kindly ellaborate a bit more? Thanks
  3. Dear, I have layer X within Group B, and group B is within Group A. Is there a way to directly choose layer X from the canvas without clicking first group A, then double clicking to choose B then again double clicking to choose the desired layer? Thanks in advance
  4. Dear, I want to draw a cable or pipe, with both fill and stroke colors. Is there a simple way to make it curve/ bend it without changing the distance between the 2 parallel lines that make up the border of the pipe? Thanks in advance
  5. Dear, I want to align one layer/shape to the canvas center, but that layer is part of a group of layers, and is not in the dead center of the group. How can I align that layer to the canvas center, while moving the whole group with it at the same time? Thanks in advance
  6. Dear all, I am a beginner with vector editing, so excuse me if i'm not using the appropriate terms. I am drawing the schematic of a machine, which will need multiple updates. I drew 2 intersecting rectangles with black borders with 10 px thickness, and transparent fill. The intersections form a square. How can i hide the borders of the square without combining the curves, and keeping the continuity and the thickness of the borders. Thanks in advance.
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