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  1. Hey everybody, I just had a massive headache with Affinity causing a crash to desktop whenever I created a new file, opened an old one, or opened the brush panel. I've worked out that it seems the update might have been enabling 'Hardware acceleration > Use OpenCL...'. (I assume it's the update because I didn't change any settings in Affinity, but maybe something changed in my comp?) If you're having a crash to desktop, check that this option hasn't been automatically enabled. I hope that might help anybody out there.
  2. Hi, I'm using a Surface Book 3, with GTX 1050, 8gb RAM, Windows 10, latest drivers and versions of everything installed. When I use large, fairly complex brushes (in this case, from the True Grit Texture Sampler, 2500p brushes), they work very very slowly with the stylus. The brush preview is about 30 seconds behind, and when I click, it is unresponsive for a good minute or two. If I use my trackpad instead of the stylus, it's fine (a touch slow, but only half a second or less, understandable with such large brushes). Using a stylus, it even lags so much that when I hover the stylus o
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