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  1. Did you receive another email confirming the resubmitted order? When mine was resubmitted on the 5th Jan, I didn't get another email, and the order didn't turn up. However, when Adam resubmitted it on the 18th, I received an email message within about 10 mins of our email conversation showing the new order in which the Order Summary stated " This is a free complimentary order. ". It was the following day that I received the order from Amazon Logistics.
  2. I have just this minute taken delivery (delivered in the UK by Amazon Logistics) of my Publisher and Designer Workbooks after emailing Adam at Affinity yesterday. He had put the order through again yesterday - is this my original order finally turning up or the new order placed yesterday? Amazon are well capable of delivering the following day from an order being placed but as I've no tracking information, I'm completely in the dark!
  3. Was your book delivered by Amazon Logistics or by Royal Mail?
  4. I'm in the exact same position as you. It's the lack of tracking information that is the big issue - we are all sitting waiting for something that may or may not have been dispatched. We should at least be told whether or not it is in stock, and if it is, when it will be dispatched. I get the feeling that Affinity are really geared towards digital downloads and aren't as efficient in dealing with items that must be shipped to our doors!
  5. Yes. I initially raised a query through their order enquiry contact email (affinityorders@serif.com) and have since corresponded by simply replying to their emails. I have had responses from them within a day or two - the last one was within a few hours of emailing them.
  6. I contacted Affinity again yesterday given that 3 weeks have now elapsed since my previous correspondence. Their customer service advisor responded stating "I've reapplied your order for you so it will ship sooner, rather than later." so I wonder if this means that newer orders are being dealt with first - this would explain why nothing is happening with the orders from November and early December.
  7. I am also still waiting for the Designer and Publisher workbooks. I had ordered all three workbooks on 30th November (a Christmas gift from my wife to me!) and the Photo workbook arrived within a few days but no word on the others. I had contacted Affinity on the 15th December to be told that they were working through a backlog of orders which should take around 2 weeks. It's been 3 weeks since then, or 2 weeks if you discount the period between Christmas and New Year and there is still no update. My account simply indicates the order status as "Completed", which is less than helpful. It would have been good if it were to reflect the status of each item in the order and indicate if it is dispatched or not.
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