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  1. This bug is still present in the mac rc beta versions of Designer ( and Publisher ( The font used in the example was plain old Times New Roman and Acrobat Reader displays it correctly. Will this be fixed for the 1.9 release?
  2. I've also tested this on the mac (10.15.7 Catalina) versions of Affinity Publisher beta v1.9.0.887 and Affinity Designer beta v1.9.0.9. Pdf produced in QuarkXpress v13.0, pdf-version v1.4 and they have the same problem. It appears the tracking on every hyphenated word gets screwed up when imported into either Publisher or Designer, but I guess they're both using the same pdf import code. The document has been auto-hyphenated in QuarkXpress and after importing it in Publisher/Designer, around every hyphen, even the ones that look ok, the character tracking is a negative value varying b
  3. Hi Sean! Many thanks, it seems to work fine in the beta. Also thank you for a superb product. I'm migrating/recreating all our Illustrator-designs (for a local paper) to Affinity Designer and I really like the GUI and work flow which you all obviously put a lot of thought to.
  4. Text frame tool buggy behaviour Affinity Designer v1.8.6, macos Catalina 10.15.7. Reproduce: Set cell stroke > 0 on a tab " " or a space " ". After doing that you can visualize the bug by moving the cursor around the text frame. The cursor will change into an editing caret even if you're far outside the text frame. Also if you click with the selection tool somewhere above and well outside the text frame; it will still be selected. Select the text frame and export "Selection without background". Expected result: a pdf showing only the text in the selected text fr
  5. I have exactly the same problem in Affinity Publisher v1.8.6. The pdf I'm importing was produced in QuarkXpress v13.0, pdf-version v1.4. I have attached two pics showing the problem.
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