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  1. Are there more brush library in Affinity. There was a post of Daub Comic brushes and I can’t seem to find it in the Shop. Also could I download a brush from Creative Market with these file types AI, PDF, EPS?
  2. Yes it is. Still new to Affinity but I've created a zip Green Garden.zip I also noticed that the white outline only happens in pdf format. I did png and it's fine
  3. Hi, I've included bleed on it and there's still an outline on the image. I also had the same issue with my Affinity Designer Ipad. How can I remove the white outline? Green Gardener.pdf
  4. Hi I created a favicon on square post size. I've tried to resize it manually by dragging however when I export it it doesn't save to my preferred size.
  5. Hi yep that's what it is. I selected the right layer and still doesn't work.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean but I think its a glitch from the software.
  7. Hi I have tried both of the solutions you mentioned and no luck.
  8. Hi Im using affinity designer on my iPad. It's having issues at the moment, I can't seem to highlight or drag the texts even with an Apple Pen. Help
  9. I'm not sure but I think Gaussian Blur automatically detects the edges and blurs it. Not sure with the refine edge tool. I'll try that one
  10. It worked! But not sure how to apply the Blur. I'll try feathering and smoothing it. But the Gaussian blur used to work and now it doesn't. So not sure what happened.
  11. Thats after using the pen tool, I tried to outline the object. But after that, the edges were too sharp so I used the Gaussian blur.
  12. the thing is it shouldn't be there in the first place. I did selection brush for bought selection, then pen tool for accurate selection, and then the Gaussian blur after. I don't think it should be there. or I might have missed something. You can't really see the lines, not until you export them.
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