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  1. thank you walt. restarted the app and the problem ceased so a bug/glitch.. [protect alpha and everything else in the post was not relevant] nothing against the app [it has some great ideas] but Im finding too many work arounds for the simplest of tasks, missing features and weird behaviours on top of sluggish performance issues to persist using my licenses [my specs are not under suspicion ]of photo and designer so im moving on after a loss. thanks
  2. same..driving me nuts.. create new pixel layer, get paint brush, paint and nothing happens on a new document. had enough of affinity photo..going back to Pshop
  3. Hi, suffering the same issue although changing the document profile to 16 bit does not help.. any other ideas? thanks DN to add: try'd the creative vignette but thats a little too hard coded for my liking and i dont want to have to create my own vignette every time i need a different one [shape/size etc]. Surely there is now a cleaner process to create a vignette or gradient and not be left with banding? I hope so anyhow;)
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