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  1. OK so thinking about it more, I feel pretty stupid now. I have been away from work for a couple of weeks holiday and got my own workflow confused when I got back. Oops. Thanks 🙂
  2. If I switch to the arrow selection tool the Mask / Selection buttons disappear. This is really annoying!! OK thanks for your help
  3. Hi all In Photo I quite often create a mask by using the pen tool and clicking on the Mask button in the toolbar but something has gone wrong - every time I do this now, instead of giving me a mask layer like I was expecting, it gives me some other sort of layer. It says 'Curve' by it and it looks like a mask but it doesn't work like a mask, I can't paint onto it to reveal etc. I have no clue what is going on, please help!!! This has broken. my workflow completely and I don't know what I've done - or is it the 1.9.1 upgrade that's broken it? Thanks!
  4. Hi, thanks for the very detailed answer. Just bear in mind this is for a product photography job I am doing. I have to spend the absolute minimum of time on each image, so I’ll continue shooting my focus brackets in jpg, with the lighting setup we have I don’t need the extra DR of raw, I just wondered if what I was seeing was expected behaviour. It’s really no problem to bracket jpgs. cheers for your time
  5. Hi all I've found that when focus merging in Photo, if I focus merge raw files (CR2 from a 80D in this case) the merged result is substantially darker than if I do the merge from the JPG files I captured at the same time as the RAWs. I can also use the batch function to make JPGs out of the RAW files and use them for a merge and it's exactly the same, the RAW one is several stops darker than the JPGs I got from those raw files. It doesn't give me any develop options so I'm stuck using JPGs. This has happened in every version of AP I've tried, including 1.9. Any id
  6. Hi Dan This time it's my apologies! For various reasons I haven't managed to get those astro images, despite being literally in the middle of nowhere at 2am, weather has conspired to defeat me, so I haven't been able to come back and say YESSS YOU WERE RIGHT! lol I'll get there soon! Still keen to try it out.
  7. Hi all Please forgive the noob question, but in the new 1.9 Astro stacking feature, is that just for images shot with a telescope? Or does it work with what I would call wide DSLR landscape astro images? The ones where you have an interesting foreground and the sky is shot separately. I ask because I had already arranged for a friend to show me how to do astro, you know, go in the country, setup your dslr to 11mm f/2.8 and 30 secs and shoot away, sort of thing. Is this feature any good for those sort of shots? I imagine the sky would move significantly during a session and it's not cl
  8. Woah! You’re a life saver mate, that is EXACTLY what I wanted! Cheers!
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. I understand how to paint onto a mask but I am wanting to SEE the mask, in PS I option click the mask and I can see it in black and white, I can then paint in any bits I’ve missed. If I’m working on a cityscape I can see clearly exactly if I’ve missed any bits. I understand AP has this on the desktop version as ‘Edit Mask...’
  10. Hi all I’ve been doing some Photoshop courses and would like to see how much of it I can do in AP. I’m mostly able to transfer the techniques to AP but have run into a few stumbling blocks. 1) how to set white and black points? In PS I’m using a couple of curves layers, pushing the sliders across and using the eyedroppers to set white and black points. I’m aware that nothing like that exists in AP so I’ve tried using the shadow warning in develop to set the black point via exposure or curves but it seems that by the time I trigger the shadow clipping warning the image is much too d
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