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  1. I am currently trying to install the affinity photo beta on my mac. I don't have the app installed but I bought it through the App Store, is there a way to get my product key?
  2. OK, Thanks for the answers you guys, guess I will have to do some presets
  3. I recently learned about macros and wanted to do a macro, where I do some saturation changes with the develop persona. But if I try to open the develop Persona while recording a macro, it says I have to stop my macro recording. I also looked if there was a macro tab in the studio in the develop persona. I didn't find one. I also know that you can almost do the same things with the adjustment tab in the photo persona, but it's just not the same. Is there any solution to this?
  4. @dominik Oh, I totally forgot about the rounded rectangle tool
  5. Hello, Sorry for being inactive, i thought about something @Alfred or @RNKLN mentioned. It would be very useful to draw someting real quick but @Pšendaalso had a really good solution 😉
  6. It would be very nice to have a simple shape tool called pill tool which could create a shape formed like a pill
  7. Thanks, I was just starting out on Affinity and setting my one or two keyboard shortcuts up again will be no problem.
  8. Ok, here is my Crash Report with everything, it's superlong but I don't know whats useful and whats not useful so yeah. Crash Report Affinity Photo.txt
  9. If I drag a Photo into my Affinity Photo it opens, and instantly crashes. I'm on mac and if you want I can attach the crash report. I also tried it on other accounts on my machine, there it functions
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