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  1. hmm. im about to upgrade to rtx 30 anyway. so ill wait for the card and the new drivers before i start tinkering. warp seem to work. opened new view with gpu render, the app shut down instantly when i pulled the view out so its floating. tried same with warp and also used some tools, its stable. but like i said, i wont bother updating untill i get the new gfx
  2. if the crash reports saves my privat pictures in them and i find them in the internet later, i will liam neeson you
  3. d8cd20de-4316-4e56-a67d-b8b807b02ed0.dmp e5313e33-6251-4f88-a1b5-ce71c4804376.dmp fa9e0523-4c98-4963-ae05-654afe885ba1.dmp
  4. when i add a 2nd view to have the image displayed twice and use heal brush,affinity photo crashes.
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