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  1. We can design cool things if we had the professional tools! Put the speakers loud and let's go lol give us a linux version! God bless you!
  2. Affinity, please I am using GNU/Linux for so long (without pro design tools), can't wait anymore (you can't imagine), you will have on your side the strongest community on the web, on the world literally!
  3. WOW! Do you hear that Affinity? Come on please.. it's time.
  4. No problem Affinity, I wish the best for the iPad version! We also do have special focus on tasks, but this doesn't holds us back from building new stuff. But please hire someone to start with linux, what holds you back? I don't even think it's the money anymore. I think you need more developers. Please.
  5. If you don't believe me, give me a bank account, I will pay in advance right now! with pleasure! (double for the whole trinity)
  6. I want to draw on linux come on! Please! Don't hold me back on design
  7. Yes, I mean when I saw Affinity first time was a WOW moment, then I've start praying for the linux version, I've became religious again Affinity seriously now, please just do it! All companies will pay, I will pay, everybody will pay, because we love the best design tools on the best OS.
  8. Let's speak the truth, just the truth, here we go, there are so many unhappy web developers and web designers in companies that they wish to work on Unix (up to this moment they work on windows). Most of the companies can't afford to pay Apple every 3 -4 years (that's why Microsoft holds the biggest share). But the workers/web/developers/designers are not happy (while they are doing the job of their dreams AND are NOT happy). I have seen this so many times, we spoke about it in the breaks (so many times). I am very happy working on Linux (it's so normal, it just makes sense, networking, administration, sublime editor, javascript, nodejs/npm php, mysql and CLI.. that CLI is just the best) but not so excited for Inkscape & Gimp (thank god my boss has no problem to let me do my job on Inkscape/Gimp, but this is only my boss, an exception). Then, at the company, the web developers/designers are asking for linux (they did it a lot of times and there was no problem to move on it) because it makes sense to work on a physical environment.. and bam.. no professional design tools. Not everybody is able to sacrifice, but I do. Ahhh.. I mean.. (hands on my face now).. mess. The companies will pay, all of them! Then the web developers & web designers will be extremely happy with GNU/Linux & Affinity! Everybody wins. After? In the breaks we will be able to exchange creative ideas while eating, share same files, with a big smile in our faces and we can thank Affinity for it! No more the heads down and complaining So simple. Please Affinity, fill the gap!
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