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  1. Okay, I'll try that straighten. I am creating one with transparent background off. I'll see what that does. Uploading to IA now. Takes a little but to go through derive which creates the previews. [EDIT: Yes, that worked. That's the easiest option by far.]
  2. I worked in commercial printing for about a decade. This is the kind of thing that could be a big problem, but for me I don't really care. 🙂 However, I notice that when I open a file that was scanned grayscale, AP applies a grayscale profile. I may be scanning some later and I can check it out and report back. No, you didn't miss it; I didn't know it existed! I'll try it. I think the first thing I'm going to try is to just remove that sliver of transparency and see what IA does with that. [EDIT: It didn't work. 😞] It's strange that I've not had this issue before in that I have scanned many things grayscale. The difference here, though, is I've been rotating and cropping. So... maybe I need to export with white matte every time I do that? I don't care; I just want to do what's going to work! 🙂 Is there some kind of fundamental difference between rotate and crop vs. transform and crop as it pertains to layers?
  3. Thanks, all! I see what you mean by the lower left. I assumed that would be no issue. I do have more PS experience but it’s from years ago. I don’t know how much has changed in relation to layers. I do recall using Flatten Image a lot. I’m really curious about simply cropping 0002 to see what happens. That would be a very simple solution to all of this. I haven’t been as precise on these images obviously. One thing I am curious about is how I’ve not had any issues with other images I’ve _saved_ as opposed to exported. Having said that, I’ve done a lot more rotating and cropping and scanning items 2-up which necessitated more rotating and cropping and exporting. I have wondered if saving or exporting do two different things with regard to transparency layers. Thanks all!!!
  4. Considering what you found in Photoshop or any of the other things we’ve worked on, do you think is potentially something that Serif needs to look at?
  5. Yeah the export with the white matte worked. Converting to Gray/8 did not fix it. There's a way to upload images to the IA and put it in a collection that's zeroed out every 30 days. I'll pop it up there. When it's finished rendering, I'll let you know.
  6. Here's a version I rasterized. Can you open it in GraphicConverter? (I haven't found a program on Windows that will render the image like you see.... which is a bummer.) Popular_Song_Classics_rasterized.tiff
  7. Yeah, I think I've determined that there's _always_ an alpha channel. It may be that it's showing up in the exif data because there's a second image in there somehow...
  8. Woah... I wouldn't have rasterized, no... That's how IA renders it, though. We're onto something!
  9. Oh! Look at this... There is an Alpha Channel! (Screen shot attached.) I would want to get rid of it, but it doesn't seem like the Channels can be edited, at least there... edit: Actually 0000 also has that... so... I don't know...
  10. I can, but I don't want an alpha channel in there. What's more, I don't know how it got there. Any way to remove it?
  11. Beautiful! It's CTRL! Woohoo! And I can use a guide to line everything up!! Wow! This makes things so much easier. Doesn't fix the problem I'm having but it helps going forward!
  12. Yep! I got it! Yes, I've used that. The only thing I wish it would do is allow me to use up/down arrow keys at .1 increments.
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