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  1. Well... as I see it, steepness is a relative thing. What one finds a steal, another may find just ok and another may find it a little bit over his budget. Not all of us live the same lives, earn the same, or use the software so much that we can have ROI. And there's nothing wrong about looking for legitimate alternatives and bargains - I guess that's how most people find Designer and Photo, by searching a legitimate alternative to the Adobe counterparts, which sadly are the industry standard. And when those who do search for alternative ways, post their experience to warn others, I think that's something useful. On the other hand, when someone comments "you wanted something cheaper and it blew up in your face! How do you feel now, did it worth the trouble?", I wonder, is that also something useful?
  2. Same here. I bought Designer from you guys some months ago and I'm a happy user, so I thought I should go ahead and buy Photo as well. Sadly, I realized the long standing offer for 25 USD had expired and 50 USD seemed a little too much for me as I rarely deal with raster images (yeah, I know it's still a bargain for most people). I ended up searching for offers or coupons, I thought maybe someone bought it in the 25 USD era and could be willing to sell it. Anyway, long story short, I ended up on ebay.co.uk, to a listing advertising "genuine license" for 3.5 GBP! I bought it and I received a download link for the software, which included Photo indeed but in a very odd setup. The application was repackaged with something called "Turbo.net" which I googled and found to be legitimate software. Apparently, the seller bought one copy from you, she/he installed it on their computer, and used this Turbo.net piece of software to create a sandboxed package that can be deployed on other computers. After googling, I didn't even try to run, so I don't know if it runs eventually. I told the seller that this is piracy - he disagreed but upon insisting he did return my money. I see at least one review of his "shop" with a happy customer so I think this package might actually work. His shop is still active, and I still have his Google Drive download link if you wish to investigate.
  3. I really don't understand this. DXF has open specs and this feature would simply convert every person working with laser cutters to a customer. This is a huge pool of people who are begging for alternatives to AI (expensive) and Inkscape (cumbersome). There must be something we miss, cause this seems like you guys prefer to compete in a difficult market (graphics designers need a ton of features and need Adobe because they must exchange files) when there is an empty spot on the market for product designers/makers who just need basic vector editing in a good/stable/easy to use environment and would switch to a 50USD software without a second thought. Anyway...
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