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  1. Hi Dan, thanks for getting back. What I’m trying to do is convert a plain sky to a graduated sky as regards its light and dark values; in effect, an exposure gradient. I appreciate this could be achieved by dodging or burning gradually, but it would be smoother to be able to set a start point, dragging down and releasing where required.
  2. In Affiniti Photo for iPad, how would you use a gradient to fade from light to dark (or vice versa). For example, To convert a bland sky to graduated. Thanks for any tips.
  3. Hi everyone. Could I please ask for help with a couple of issues with image resizing and resolution in Affiniti Photo. When RESIZING (not resampling) from 72 dpi to 300 dpi the image dimensions (height and width) do not show as having changed, when I would have expected them to be markedly smaller (as per Photoshop). Am I missing something here? Is it possible to set a Default DPI so that all work can be saved at this reolution? Thank you for any help
  4. That’s it! I had “Touch for Gestures” turned on and I’m using finger control only. Turned this off and am now able to paint. Thanks everyone for your patience and help.
  5. Basic round brush on a pixel background layer; even duplicated this layer, also added a pixel layer but still cannot paint lines.
  6. Don’t laugh; I was trying to paint again just now when the brush actually WORKED! You guessed - not expecting any luck, I failed to write down the procedure and now I’m back again to “pokin’ and hopin’”. Here are the default “more” brush settings as requested plus another image.
  7. Thanks for getting back. Sorry, should have mentioned it is Photo for iPad to which I was referring. In case there was a software glitch, I had reinstalled the App but to no avail. However, I’ve sorted the Import/Place issue - that was my bad, not paying attention to the excellent tutorials!!! For the painting problem which I still have, I’ve attached a couple of screenshots for reference.
  8. Hi folks, this is my first posting so please be gentle Couple of stumbling points, both of which I cannot fathom out and would appreciate some assistance. (I’m running an iPad Pro 2020 11” with latest OS.) 1). I’m attempting to apply a colour to (paint on) an existing jpeg image but seem to be missing something? All that happens is a “dot” of colour appears at the first point where the brush is positioned; ie unable to use a brush stroke. 2) How does one open an additional image as another layer to an existing open image? Thank you in anticipation. placed
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