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    rhand reacted to MEB in When cropping Affinity shows width and height in odd px values   
    Hi rhand,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Glad to know you sorted it out.
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    rhand reacted to ckpro in Cropping and Document Size   
    Hi, and congrats on such an amazing first beta...
    I have a Cropping Tool Suggestion. When the crop window is active can the the new document size be shown on the screen and have it change as you adjust the cropping area? Also having the ability to input a user defined cropping size (such as 960 x 300 Pixels) would be great. Double clicking in the new cropped area should also commit it to crop as well.
    Having the current document size always showing and not just when the pan tool is selected would be great too.
    Thanks again for the amazing new beta. I am ready to switch today. When do you expect it to be available in the Mac App Store.

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