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  1. Would be nice to just be able to rasterize a layer (all the layers that are inside), Im asuming that Layers is like folders but none the less would be great to get all inside rasterize (collapsed) with one click instead of having to get all those into a group to do the same.
  2. Hi, dont know exactly how to report this. Im using Designer for illustration and after a few traces when usin Ctrl+Z to undo after a few consecutive undo operations its freezes the software and had to manually terminate it. Im using Windows 10, happened a few times. Is there anyother way to report like a crash report or something I can upload here?
  3. After relaxing a little bit (I got quite frustrated with some Designer limitations) It would be a nice addition to have the chance to have this option inside Designer. So its nice to do a request and hopefully if many see this usefull will be implemented. If not possible, Iยดm guessing Ill stick with that as 50 dollars is a lot of money in my side (in my Country) and I have no real use for a complete app like Publisher. I was mistaken and recall that PDF hyperlink was possible but not on Adobe software that made the same thing as Affinity making Acrobat and InDesign the only ones capable of doing this. But CorelDraw something I did use in the past do allow you to create custom hyperlinks. Sorry for the inconvenience ... I would like to say thanks for the response. I do notice that is not really big thing, Designer needs more important features before this probably, like a good image tracer.
  4. They do different things, not all features should be listed as supported, but the exported from Affinity Designer says it supports Hyperlnks .. .what you expect is that you could manage them in the editor. Thats something you expect if the software supports those features. And I made clear that there are differences inbetween Photosohp, Illustrator and InDesign but at some scale you can do the same thing in the three of them. I repeat Im not asking for something specific for me in this case, its just that if you support something you should be able to edit it in the editor or at least you should expect that.
  5. I understand the focus on specific things, but yet again you do allow PDF export support but making a specific hyperlink in a PDF is a must on any app that allows you to edit/create them. Its like photo/editing software without layers or opacity on layers or even masks, its a expected thing because you support the format. Not the same as expecting that every PSD file can be inported withouth any issue for example. It makes no sense that for a 2 or 3 page PDF you need to have two softwares because one allows you to do almost anything but if you need to specify a hyperlink (which is expected to have in a PDF) you are forced to get another big app you have no other use for. Thats not a smart way to treat customers, feels more like a scam where I do let go of features just to make another app worth more than it should. I repeat taht Adobe never did this and they did sell 3 different softwares separatelly for a very long time ... but they knew that limiting a feature in favor of another app will not force someone to get that app, because they will work arround. In my case for sure will not pay for Publisher (was thinking on doing it) but I do not support this kind of vision where you force not including features in benefit on getting attention on another app that should get the attention by itself making sure its a more efficient way to work on large scale projects. So sad, really as for me getting two of your software was a lot of spending and find a software that got a lot of bugs, got a few missing features that are non escentials and there are works around in the app itself but this is a feature that you expect in a designer application, you can build a PDF you have to give support for what PDF is capable of and Hyperlinks or even index should be there even if its not as easy as it is in Publisher to make it work.
  6. That's a shame and in my opinion a bad move. Not even Adobe did limit features because of other products, what they did is make a product thats woth while picking becaues its a much more eficient way to work something out. Publisher should stand out by its own not because you limit features on another Software that should have it. Example of this is Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign where you can export PDF, web features, etc ... they relate with each other in those kinds of features but non the less there are very robust features to choose one over the other for a specific job. Its feels like a scam ... like you could do much more and you decide not to just because you would prefer everyone to invest in a full software just for a tiny little thing that should have been there from the begining. If you plan PDF support, you should work on it, regadless. This makes the decision to stay with Adobe, much easier, just paying at the moment you have a job and you can use whatever product you like and have no compatibility issues as they are the standard. A real shame!
  7. The silence is because you cant do it now but will be implemented in next version, future updates or will never be implemented and only such feature will be left only to Publisher?
  8. I would like to have the option to edit text and add hyperlink (specific url). Email address work as link when exported but they need to be exposed same as any other url.
  9. I know its a design tool but exporting to PDF sometimes is a must have to be able to add hyperlinks to text or Images. Is there anyway to do this in Affinity Designer? I couldnt find a way, I know Publisher does but I think Designer should be able to do it aswell if its not the case as you may use it to work on little PDF of about a few pages. Thanks in advance!
  10. I just noticed the problem itself is with pixel layers that has a mask applied to it. If you remove the mask it exports correctly
  11. I updated to version and it has the same issue. I can confirm that the problem is using masks on the pixel layers. If I delete the mask on the pixel layer the result is identical to the one in the editor.
  12. should I report the bug or you will do it internally? I noticed you post in the Bug forum! ๐Ÿ‘
  13. I imagined that would be the problem, so there is an issue with the pdf exporter. I got my exporter settings to rasterize all and didnt work either. But if I rasterize each layer in the editor does export correctly.
  14. I'm not sure what could cause it. As I said, I painted in a pixel layer, maybe something about that? The affinity designer file is here
  15. Im using Sumatra PDF as stated in the other post! ๐Ÿ™ˆ Im uploading the example pdfPitch_doc4.pdf
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