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  1. Hi, As Affinity is a great tool to create web banners, could it be possible to integrate in the new document web presets, all the ads standard banners format (as defined by IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau)?
  2. My name is Phil and I'm a graphic designer. I wanted to give a marketing feedback to Affinity Designer team. Why I bought the app? Because.. I was searching an app that had nothing to do with design, on my App store I saw the banner 'Editor's choice' and I clicked the banner to see what was this app (always curious of design stuff). Then I went on your website and straight went to look to the features and tools, then watch the video. I was working with photoshop on a Pc win and now been working on Mac for a year but didn't want to buy Ps again. Then I found Affinity! When I saw the price
  3. I bought Affinity and use it. It's a very good app. But I think it is missing a tool I use a lot: the envelop to distort vectors or even pixels shapes. Or maybe I haven't seen where it is. Do you expect to add this tool in the future?
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