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  1. Awesome thanks! Have to say after many frustrating years with Illustrator it's been a refreshing delight to work with Designer. Just wish I had discovered you guys sooner!
  2. For me it's more than just snap to pixel alignment. I find a pixel grid easier to visualize spacings during layout. I also use Designer to sketch out 3D printed parts where I would like to set the grid to reflect the layer height and nozzle width to figure out optimal part geometry. Yes I could just use a larger unit like cm instead of mm but I'd prefer to work in the units I'm designing to.
  3. I seem to be unable to set a single pixel grid on Affinity Designer (1.8.3) on the Mac? For example a 27x27 pixel document. No grid is shown if I set View > Grid and Axis Manager > Mode:Basic > Spacing:1px, Divisions:2. The snap to grid works but the grid isn't shown. The grid will show if I set the spacing to 4px or more but that isn't helpful for what I'm doing. Pixel persona is no good (and that doesn't show a small grid anyway either). I'm designing small mobile device icons so I need to work in vector mode and export scale up for different screen resolutions. For small icons a pixel grid with a snap grid between pixels is ideal to use the vector tools so artwork can be aligned easily to pixel boundaries which is sometimes mid pixel depending on the tool I'm using.
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