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  1. The workaround on a Mac is to select the template files that have custom extensions and do a get info, then click the "Stationary Pad" button. Opening the docs will create a new file with all the content of the template but the template can't be overwritten. Don't know if Windows has a similar setting.
  2. I understand that each Affinity app can save a template file with a .aftemplate extension, and that the templates can be opened in any of the suite applications. But to avoid confusion, why not give each app a unique template extension so it'll open in the correct application? Then if you want to open a Publisher template in Designer, you can simply open it from inside Designer.
  3. The problems I have with that are: there's no way to set the B&N tabstop by eye (which is how I like to work) and I don't see why B&N can't just work with the text ruler tabstop. Where's the advantage to it being a specific setting? As a workaround, the tabstop could be set by eye or clicking on it could bring up a field for entering the precise position. Anyway, I thought it was a bug, but it turns out they like it that way. So I'll adapt.
  4. Because both settings control where the text is indented. Hence they should be the same.
  5. As shown in the attached image, I created a bullet style and adjusted the tab stop to where I was satisfied. But the first line of text kept indenting to what I later learned was the tabstop setting in the Bullets and Numbering panel of Paragraph. Am I missing something subtle or is it a bug? Because it seems like the B&N tabstop should be the same as what I set with the ruler tabstop.
  6. Update: Following advice from this topic (Thanks all!), I requested a refund from Apple, and received it today.
  7. As I recall, webp exporting was tentatively scheduled for 1.9. I didn't see it in the beta, so is it going to be in 1.10?
  8. Actually, I haven't contacted the App store because SFurniss gave me the affinityreturns@serif.com address. I emailed it and got an auto-response. Are you saying they're not likely to refund the purchase and that I have to contact the App store?
  9. I didn't know that's how it works. Thanks for the explanation. Part of the problem is that the App store is so flaky. You download software and pay for the pro version. Next time you download it you get the basic version, so you have to click on the buy button, at which point it tells you that you've paid for the pro version and downloads that. That's what threw me, because I expected the store to download the version I'd already bought, not realizing I must have bought it at Serif's store. Anyway, they're giving me a refund, so all's well that ends better.
  10. Hmmm. Why would that be a separate purchase? I mean, if I buy it from the Serif Store or the App Store, it's all registered to me, so it shouldn't matter. I hope they'll refund the money.
  11. I already have a license for Publisher, but after doing a clean install of MacOS High Sierra, I was charged for Publisher (not Designer or Photo). Please fix this. Thanks, Chris
  12. I need to get glasses, because when you suggested this earlier, I missed the S in the P and T panel and tried clicking on the S in Typography instead, which didn't work. Now that I've found the S it does exactly what I need.
  13. Thanks, that's the workaround I'm using too. I created a character style with the font, size, and baseline I needed for superscripting. Of course it's only good for that font and size, but it works.
  14. I understand their reasoning, but it's flawed, otherwise the top apps in the industry wouldn't be using faux characters to annoy their users' customers. For purists with lots of time on their hands, I'm sure they admire Affinity's stance on this. Those of us with deadlines to meet...not so much.
  15. Well, thanks again. That does seem like an incredible blindspot in Publisher, especially since the other major apps (InDesign, Quark, Word, etc.) handle this sort of formatting without making users break out manuals and trusting to luck that the font they've been using can do subscripting. I trust Affinity has addressing this feature on a roadmap so eventually it'll work as expected.
  16. Thanks again for the assist! Question, though: How can you tell whether an OpenType font includes the sub/superscript characters? Hopefully not by trial and error.
  17. Superscripting doesn't work for capital letters or cap-height letters such as "l" and "h" (see video). Screen Recording 2021-01-07 at 4.02.40 PM.mov
  18. I figured out a workaround: Delete a few characters near where the L SEP or P SEP characters appear; save the change; then retype the deleted text. It works! Apparently deleting those characters also gets the unicode characters too. Incredibly time consuming, but at least I can check Microsoft Edge to verify that the text is clean. Please fix this problem ASAP!
  19. I'm extracting text from a datasheet created in Publisher for use as an online datasheet created in CS6 Dreamweaver. I've been going crazy trying to figure out how to avoid having text copied from Publisher randomly bringing along P SEP and L SEP unicode characters with it (see attached). The problem occurs in the previous and beta versions of Publisher. I've tried pasting the copied text as text only into Dreamweaver, where the characters don't appear (even in code view!), BUT when I look at it in Microsoft Edge, they pop up. Oh, and that's another problem: not all browsers display
  20. Chiming in on this. Publisher is including unicode L SEP and P SEP characters in copied text that remain in the text (invisibly of course!) when pasted into an HTML editor using the Paste and Match Style command. And then they pop up randomly when viewed in browsers. Right now it's Microsoft Edge where they show up.
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