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  1. Thanks, that's good advice. I have the Nik Collection but have really only fooled around with Silver Efex Pro. I better look at Viveza. Thanks again!
  2. @Jowday Thanks, good advice. Lots to learn and that's just dodge and burn. What kind of filters are you referring to? For the camera or can you purchase filters for Affinity like Nik Collection? I have them as I also am using DxO Photolab.
  3. Thanks, that workflow makes a lot of sense to me. Simple is better. Some of the methods were crazy complicated.
  4. I'm very new with Affinity but so far I like it a lot. So many things to learn but right now it's dodge and burn. I've been watching a bunch of tutorials and there are many ways to dodge and burn. Some are very complicated with multiple layers, settings and tools like Bland Ranges. Others are fairly simple like creating a duplicate layer in Softlight and using a brush and the Colour Chooser at more or less than 50% gray. The simplest way is using the dodge or burn tool on a duplicate layer. Am I missing something by not using one of the very complicated methods? Are some methods better for certain images over others? What's your preferred method? Many thanks.
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