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  1. Thanks to all for your input. I am using a windows 10. I have considerable experience using ICC profiles in color proofing set ups for commercial printing. Most of these proofing software systems use two profiles, 1) that of the proofing device (Inkjet or digital device) and 2) that of the printing press; making the proofing device match the press' color space. My question here is more to do with Affinity and where which profiles should be applied. My aim is to produce inkjet prints and not digital files. So far, this is what I think I understand from Mr. Friedberg; 1) the camera / lens profile should be applied in Affinity prior to developing the image. 2) the monitor profile is set internally at the OS or graphic board level, so the monitor will display according to its calibration (to match the printer, presumably). 3) The output profile (the printer's) is applied in the when the file is printed, the camera profile being the document profile and the printer profile, the output profile. Is that right? Could the output profile (the printer's) be applied to the raw file prior to development in Affinity? My thought is that then the monitor would display the color space of the printing device. Make sense? Once again, thank you all - DK Rooms
  2. A further ICC profile question: I have read Mr. Ritson's article and follow it as far as it goes. My remaining question regards printer profiles and where they should be applied. I have profiles (X-Rite Color Checker generated) for the camera, the display and the printer. I am not sure at which point in image processing which profile should be applied. I thought that the camera profile should be applied to the raw file before development, and the printer profile applied as the output profile when the image is printed. This has not produced good results. What have I missed? Thanks & Best Regards to all. DK
  3. Thanks BofG - I find it confusing that there are multiple places where you can apply a profile. So far, I have had the best results by not assigning a profile prior to development. After development, I use the "assign ICC profile" function under "Document" to assign the camera profile. The when printing, I assign the printer profile as the output profile. The results are very good, matching the output print to the original color checker. I did think that assigning the printer profile to the file prior to development would create a display image that more closely matches the printer output. This still seems technically to make the most sense to me, but the results do not match as well. Experimentation continues. Once again, thanks for your input. Best regards - DK
  4. I am exploring the use of ICC profiles in photo processing and printing. I have had some success, but am not sure that I fully understand why. Here is what I understand (or think I do); perhaps some more experiences users will provide me with some insight. I understand that ICC profiles describe the color space that individual devices are capable of reproducing and are applied so that one device may match another. If so, then in my system there are three devices; 1) the camera/lens. 2) the display and 3) the printer. My lack of understanding is where these should be applied to a photo file. It is possible to assign a profile to a raw file prior to development. This option asks for the "output" profile. Should this be the printer profile? That is the eventual output device, but applying it here before development has not produced a good result. I suspect that output profile means output from the development process, so at this point would apply the "camera/lens" profile. Then when printing, apply the "printer" profile as the "output" profile. The "display" profile only effects the display, how the camera/lens profile is represented on the screen and does not change the file. BUT - as a printer, wouldn't I want the screen to represent how the file will print so the printer characteristics can be accommodated while editing the file? Using the above procedure gives very good matching results, but it does not display the image as it will be printed. I hope I have adequately described my question. Anyone have some insight on this issue? Thanks & Best Regards to All - DK
  5. Hello - sorry to be sort of late to this conversation, but I am too am trying to figure out the best way to apply ICC profiles. I am calibration a completely new system, camera through laptop running Affinity Photo - Publisher - printing to an HP Envy 7100 series. I have created profiles for the camera and the printer. The question is when and where to apply them. Profiles can be assigned prior to Development under profiles (both camera and printer profiles are in the list. Output profile is specified by the software. Which to select, camera or printer?) The after development, a profile can be assigned under "Document". The profile selected prior to development will appear here, but can be changed. Then when printing, an output profile can be assigned, printer for sure, one suspects. I have some results that are very, very good; but others (different lens and shooting conditions) are rendered too dark and too blue. What should be the standard procedure? Camera profiles for different conditions and lenses can be created, but where they are applied changes results. Any suggestions?
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