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  1. Hi iso68, yes, so you keep the color accuracy in your pictures. One video I watched, though, the photographer used the color check at 13 h and took pictures hole day. During sunset he did NOT reused the color check so he preserved the warmth of the afternoon. I understand if he has used, the pictures would loose the yellow tint.
  2. Hi, I've been trying to use the XRITE Color Checker Passport and I'd like to ask for help. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I saw in another message in this forum the steps to generate the ICC file. So, to verify if the ICC was correct, in my understanding, I can use it in the original picture and I would expect NO changes in the color or anything. It actually squeezed the colors towards the black and the image became darker. The original image, only with WB corrected is the Pic 1 Then, after the ICC was succesfully generated and loaded in Affinity from that image, when I apply the profile, see the Histogram: Pic 2 If I develop the picture, it will be darker. BUT... if I load the image, after the WB correction, and develop the picture, from Document -> Assign ICC profile, the picture is corrected, but the contrast decreases and it looks washed (picture Pic 3). So, is it a bug with Affinity? How could I verify the colors are truly corrected? Can I use the RGB values in Info panel to double check the color palete values? The ICC profile I generated I called it TODELETE. Thanks! Sergio PIC 1: PIC 2: PIC 3:
  3. Hi! I had similar issue after following the steps of sugar lion, but the brightness went down. The exposure was high and clipped the color of few paletes. Then, I worked on the brightness, contrast, etc and exported as tiff, and imported as icc. Then when I apply the profile, the general brightness goes down. I use only affinity to develop and edit the pictures. thanks for any potential advice. OBS: I verify the exposure before taking the color checker passport picture To avoid it, but I think the light was still strong and the camera measured from the black part of the passport case. Sergio
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