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  1. Yup totally agree on the visual graph not always being better. I used artomatix as well and while it was good, I did find myself wanting something more akin to afp and patch tools. I just wish there was a way to height blend the patches. Currently I use the feather and border search method to breakup the patch edges Some type of hybrid would be really cool. Maybe something as simple as being able to add a layer that does a series of processes that is non destructive and procedural. In a sense it's not much different from a filter stack or a series of image adjustments. If anything it would make it a bit more stream lined. Further more within each "procedural" layer you could add another image or af file that serves as another input. I agree with you though. Maybe rather than a node based attack, other things would be better and more universal. I think I might start a new thread for this but on thinking about it top things would probably be Multiple channel support a la substance painter ( useful for things other than cg) 3d viewport for visualization Integration of Embarks texture synthesis running in 16bit (which works amazing btw. Just not in 16 bits)
  2. Gonna bump. I'm a gamedev - primarily a texture/material artist. I use Substance Designer and Painter regularly which I both l love. That said there are some things that I think both pieces of software don't necessarily lend itself well to. Currently I'm actually using afp for scan processing. Other than artomatix art engine (which might be good for inspiration as well) afp is the only other software I know of that would allow me to easily copy/clone multiple layers to create a tileable material. That coupled with a simple 3d viewport window would go a long long way.
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