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  1. You dont read between the lines. I did not wrote that it IS ridiculous that Affinity cannot do something that Gimp can. I wrote it WOULD be ridiculous. The meaning lies on WOULD ... Fanboy of Affinity. 😄 In other words ... i am SURE Affinity Photo CAN do it too. But none of you guys know how to. But then ... why you post something here on my question? To fill the forum so i cannot see the important answers? Wich are not here so far! Like it would spell in german ... den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen ... translated ... not be able to see the forest because of all the trees. But that is a problem in EACH forum. Teasing people because of their not so good foreign language spelling instead of telling the right help or say nothing if there is no clue. But I see where this leads to. So i deactivated the replies. I think i use Gimp and forget about help in forums. Did not lead to anything instead of teasing or hate posts.
  2. What i mean is shown in this pictures i attached here wich i made with Gimp in some clicks. Original and manipulated Original as C64 Look with the own used color palette of 16 colors. I cant believe that this is impossible with a priced program like Affinity and with a for free programm Gimp it is possible. That would be too rediculous.
  3. Hello. First sorry that my english is not the best. Hope you understand what i want anyway. My question is the following: I want to open a photo and i want to reduce the colors of it or better give him a look of other colors. Exactly i want to change some photos to a similar look to C64er or Amiga 500 photos. In Gimp it is easy. Create your own colors you want to use in a color palette ... go to program tab colors>mode>change from RGB to indicated>and choose own color palette and push enter ... voila ... photo changes to the reduced colors i want. After that ... the effect goes much better when use from program tab filter>pixelate>and then choose the max of the pixelation for height and width. (There is a pixelation filter in Affinity Photo too ... even when obiously there is only a simple height and width in one bar ... but maybe i do something wrong or i have not seen some tuning for width and height for its own.) So my question is ... how can i do that in Affinity Photo too? I have searched the internet and youtube fpr hours. There are some tutorials how to create a color palette from a picture ... to use that for text passages in same colors as the pictures itself. But i have not found any easy tutorials to change the colors of the photo to the reduced color palette. Or is it not possible to create C64 looking pictures as easy like in Gimp? Hope someone can help and show me a video tutorial or an easy to understand written tutorial.
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