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  1. Thank you for that overview, and the warm welcome to the forum. I will look into the recent discussion.
  2. Wich options do you mean specificly? I created tho poll in a kind of rage that i have to put in all my ms word footnotes by hand now.
  3. I just wanted to illustrate the fact that a DTP Software still has no footnotes. 😅 I have read some post that people switch back to indesign just because of footnotes. And I think that in areas of education (in for example a design university) Affinity publisher would have huge advantages in comperisson to indesign cc. Because of the price! Thank you Alfred. 😊
  4. Hello Affinity users, i just started a poll on twitter about footnotes in Affinity. I need them since the publisher beta and affinity hasen't given them to us since. They seem to be aware of it but i think we need to tell them oce more. So please take part in this survey !!! https://twitter.com/Leon57591542/status/1344589496042610688 Have a nice day (I need to finsih my thesis by tomorow) See ya
  5. Hey guis, in my affinity publisher the top studio link bar with the preview just disapired. Can anyone help?
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