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  1. To follow up... I do stacked real estate images alot... if I have a stack of maybe 10 layers & I'll want to change/paint a color in a separate layer over an ugly tint... tiff layered image. So I'll add a layer, change blend mode to color and usually pick a gray(usually) with the color picker. At this point AP will typically lock up and I have to restart. I do alot of stacks, now I save before I use color picker on a color layer because it will routinely lock the app
  2. - in multiple export formats file is corrupted. Only happens in 1.9, never experienced this since 1.6. & usually doesn't show in thumbnails. _DSC11159 was originally a tiff, too big to send. Has happened 10 times maybe in 300 photos. Re export has worked but definitely something going on here?
  3. Twice consecutively AP froze when color picker was executed on a pixel layer in Color blend mode. Never locked up before, use routinely...
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