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  1. I was hopping to duplicate my document so I could do some changes without loosing my original, I the feature seem to be missing from the triple line at the corner or the file. Where is it now? How do I do it now ? Thanks in advance
  2. So I used to used stock studio a lot for making social media posts but its been acting up lately, and by that I mean it has not been working at all. I can search just fine, but when it comes to downloading the images it will get forever stuck in the downloading screen (and my internet connection is really decent) and if I don’t manually make sure the project is saved, if i restart the app it will just get totally deleted. Any idea whats going on? Might be a bug ? Can I solve it somehow? Or do I need to re install? Thanks in advance
  3. I have downloaded some assets from vectoreazy planing to adapt the assets of the image for a better composition in a different image size but when I opened it it was completely rasterized and grid divided (?) I really have no clue why I opened the files in illustrator and the file looks normal as expected. How can I opened in vectors but in affinity designer iPad ?! Why does this happen ? I hide that block for reference, the hole images is dived like that and is 100% pixels thanks a lot
  4. As I said in a different post about this, i asked the bug fixers in reddit to look at the URL and the host no longer has the web available that’s why it says the site in 403 cuz the Shopify store no longer exist in Shopify server. But, I did found a lot of social media that belonged to Mr. techpack, they are all old and seemingly forgotten too. So don’t really now what else to do at this point.
  5. Hey guys I asked the “bug hacker” ( they solve issues with webs not actual hackers XD) guys on Reddit if they could diagnose the issue and tell what the problem was (our end or theirs) and actually the page is down so don’t keep trying. It used to be host in Shopify and now the domain is empty cuz the site no longer exist so not a matter of browsers nor the owner locking the content. He just deactivated the store.
  6. Yeah 403 with safari too. Salary also block it because it is not safe but I’ve no if you by pass it the site is not accessible.
  7. Hi @Mr Techpack is there a way to get the brush set ? The stitches are quiete useful and since I migrated i cant find resources thank u
  8. @ProDesignerthank you sum much again and sorry to bother you again haha I don’t really know ppl in this forum. I think the zigzag might work but I’m not sure if it’s going to work with the more complex stitches. But I’ll see what’s going on in this other topic it might actually work haha
  9. Hello guys! I have a question: how can I make a vector brush that draws a given shame over and over again? I’m making technical clothing drawings and it would be so nice not to draw zigzag stitches one by one. I know there are such brushes in AI but since they can’t be imported I wonder if I can make them myself in affinity for iPad. this is the shape and I want to make things like this: @ProDesigner sorry to bother you but maybe you can help me again ( by the way, I can by pass the paddle thing If you make a 3 points vertical line ) thank you!!
  10. Hi yeah it does but the issue with it is that I have to guess the right angle every time until it perfectly match the constraint line instead of just dragging and positioning from the top point paddle
  11. I followed the video and it worked!! It is a nice workaround yet definitely not a solution haha but it's gonna be very helpful!! Thank you!! There is still the issue regarding transformation and origin points and how my the H and W go crazy one you change the angle since it's now showing the box dimensions and do not retain the permanent 0 that lines used to have. Well at least in the lines not created with this method (because it works perfectly in this one I just made)
  12. The image of the working document is from before 1.9 I will upload a new one I was trying to create and an old one so you can see. I have tried opening my old ones and all my lines now have paddles in the middle. post1.9.afdesign pre1.9 - basic xl pattern working.afdesign
  13. Haha well I gave it a try. Hahaha. And it did not work I isolated a line and the handle move to the side once it was alone 😆
  14. @ProDesignerExactly as you said, it is yes to both. The length must be set since it corresponds to a measurement on a client's body. So I must pivot it to determine the shoulder point and angle and complete the neckline Regarding this, this is how I used to make my lines. If u made a vertical line the paddle would be in the top point but if you draw a vertical line it would be on top but at the middle of the line. Now all my lines no matter how I draw then get the paddle in the middle of the line. As shown in the video.
  15. This is the kind f lines that I have to pivot The vertical lines won't get top handles and the box won't keep a permanent 0 in either H or W so it changes the shown dimensions every time I modify the angle. So hypotenuse for all. IMG_3751.MP4 IMG_3750.MP4
  16. Yeah I used to do it like that now all my handles are in the middle no matter how I draw the lines and tried the self add thing and is not working
  17. Hi @ProDesigner, I can show you pictures, but can’t show what I did before because I can’t do it anymore. I will try to explain tho. in this picture the selected line is what I would pivot from the origin as shown but previously the handle would be in the opposite point instead of the middle. like this, I used to set the measurement for the line and pivot it from the top handle until it precisely touched the vertical constraint line. Now since I have only the middle handle I can’t do it precisely and I have to lose time guessing the exact angle. Also, I used to be able to set the origin spot and transform the length from that origin. Now I can't. And on top of that, now I can't set height or width to permanent 0 so every time I change the angle, h and W also change to reflect the new box size. Turning my straight lines into a hypotenuse. So can't check any measurements in my diagonal lines
  18. I’m the past I could create vertical vector lines with handles on top that’s could be pivoted from the origin spot. Now all my line always get the handle in the middle. This make it un use Ake for my work. I’m a fashion designer, I make patterns and some times I have to trace very long lines pivoting from a point and with an exact measurement until it touches a pony in a reference line. I could easily do it before now I can’t even seen the end of the line y I want to use the middle handle. And the precision went it of the window. I used to also been able to move the origin and transforming length from wherever the origin was. Can’t do it any more either. Also any diagonal now is a damn hypotenuse am I supposed to calculate the Pythagoras problem every time I need to see how long my lines are ?
  19. Hello, is there some way to turn the move tool handles to move and rotate the lines back at how they were previous 1.9? I’m a fashion designer and I make my patterns here. I used to create vertical straight vector lines with handles on top so I could set a fixed measurement and then move the origin and pivot it from there. Now I generate lines wit side handles that to me are worthless because I must see were it touch with my reference lines precisely. Also I used to change the origin and it would increase or decrease a measurement starting from there now they only get modified referencing the center unless I go to the panel and set a new origin on the square thingy there, very annoying since it take me out of my work flow every two minutes. I really hope this is fixable with some kind of setting adjustment. Cuz if not this is definitely a bye bye for me.
  20. Assets are now totally unusable it won’t let me do anything it just crashes the whole app immediately haha the heck I do now ? Can I even te instal the app without loosing the hundred of file on it ? XD this is like a bad joke
  21. This just happened in 1.9 iPad AD I lost all my assets I had tons of pre done things I use regularly like my rulers, icons, labels and logos. I feel like crying cuz it’s was so so soooo much :@ how the heck do I get them back ?!
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