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  1. I'm a 360 photographer since May 2015. Some tools that would be very helpful to me: 1. "View... New Views": Please save the equirectangular projection for each view. This will let me switch quickly between equirectangular view and normal view. And I want both views to be updated in realtime. 2. Please add a tool like Lightroom's radial gradient. I don't want to have to create masks. 3. Please simplify the luminosity masking. I would like it to work like lightroom: - I turn on the option for luminosity mask / range mask - I use a dropper to click on the shade I want to affect - I adjust the left and right edge of the range using a slider. 4. One issue when making changes to the edge of a 360 photo is that it can create a seam. I wish that if I toggle a "360 photo switch," then any changes to one edge would flow to the other edge as well, as though the left edge had a door to the right edge and vice-versa. For example if I brush across the left edge of the 360 photo, I want the brush to continue to the right edge of the photo. This is a unique feature that isn't available on other editors. Also, if this 360 photo switch option is activated, filters should not stop at the edge, in order to avoid a seam in the 360 photo. This is already implemented in the current version to some extent, although occasionally some changes create seams. 5. I wish to be able to use the hand tool to rotate the equirectangular image (with no equirectangular projection). Here's a video that demonstrates what i mean:
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