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  1. Great! So I can just create whatever shortcut I like then? Awesome! Thanks so much for your help! This is probably going to help for a lot of other things now then. Custom shortcuts, here we go..!
  2. I create new 'New Fill Layers' dozens of times a day and it always bothers me that I can find no 'Fill Layer' icon available directly from within the Layers panel. I need this for easy access as having to navigate to and through the 'Layers' menu every time I need a new 'Fill Layer' is slowing my workflow down. Is there any 'key modifier' so that when the user clicks on the create new layer icon while a specific key is being held down, it will create a new fill layer instead? Thanks.
  3. Okay great. Thank you for this quick response. I never considered that something in the top toolbar would effect the Layers panel. I appreciate your help, thank you.
  4. Create New Layer Below? How can I create a New Layer 'below', like when you hold down the Control key and click create new layer in Photoshop? In Affinity, I'm always having to subsequently drag the newly created layer below my current layer. Thanks.
  5. Of course, every designer should have the ability to preview their work-in-progress, full screen, without having to export it as and then view it in a separate image-viewer application. This is so obvious, that it is baffling how the programmers of this software have not included this for Windows users. Judging by the date this request was first posted, it's now at least three-and-a-half-years waiting for a features which comes with most free image editors as standard. I think this Affinity team don't care about Windows users, as Mac OS apparently has a system which lets them view the application full screen. So the team have chosen to simply ignore their Windows customers, because their Apple customers are already served with this function. This is unacceptable.
  6. I can confirm that this workaround (i.e. 'pressing Ctrl+Alt' ... twice) works for me. It resets the missing mouse cursor back to normal (i.e. visible again) and is much more convenient than having to exit and restart the application. My setup: Affinity Photo 1.8.4 on Windows 7 64-Bit. Thanks
  7. Firstly and importantly, let me preface the following by saying how happy I am using Affinity Photo as a new user. So many great features and such an incredible bargain. My hat goes off to the development team and everyone at Affinity for what they have achieved. With regard to the aforementioned 'full screen' mode however, I must say that I was both a little surprised and also disheartened to see that this basic feature, which at this current point in time, was apparently requested over three years ago, has not yet been implemented into the Affinity application(s). it makes one wonder when or if it ever will be? But for whatever it's worth, let me also add my support for the inclusion of a true 'full screen' (user interface-less) mode within the Affinity suite, or at least within Affinity Photo (to achieve more parity with Photoshop). I will add that as an ex semi-advanced Adobe user, I was pleasantly surprised at just how many features Affinity were already able to match with the vastly more expensive Photoshop. However, that only makes the omission of what would appear to be rather a relatively simple feature to implement, all the more puzzling. Especially, since the somewhat related 'tab' functionality to hide some parts of the UI (toolbars and panels) etc. 'has' effectively been 'emulated' from that other well known software. I guess the question is, why not go all the way and also include the completely 'full screen' (i.e. zero UI clutter / no menus) that is offered in that competitor? If this is more complicated than it would seem to actually implement, then apologies for my ignorance. However, it just seems like a no-brainer to add to Affinity's already stellar applications. This would be a very appreciated feature to many users, especially to those migrating over from Adobe to Affinity (since it has been a staple feature within Photoshop, since as least far back as I can remember) and Affinity have already gone at least 'part' of the way, with the existing 'tab' mode. Here's hoping some future user isn't reading this in another three years time and still requesting this. Thank you.
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