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  1. You solved the riddle there Thomaso, that's exactly what happens. I've created a new video to demonstrate and for anyone who may be interested, I'll run through the process from the start... (if you notice closely, the group that is created is very faint, at top left hand corner of the asset panel) https://youtu.be/MV31tAT-uLc ps I tried numerous times to load this video by 'attaching' but received a -200 error so I've uploaded to Youtube
  2. Hi Thomaso, I've since resolved my issue by using a copy and paste method (much easier for now) but I've done a quick recording to show you what happens on my end when trying to create an asset using a group of curves... Screen_Recording_2020-08-21_at_3_27_09.mov
  3. Thanks Alfred. Yes I have but it won't accept a 'group' of curves, only the curves individually. In Thomaso's video, he seems to have a group of curves? Nonetheless, I think the easiest workaround for my initial problem/post is to use curves (instead of guides) and to just copy and paste them into each document Thank you all for your help, LOVE Affinity... and the community
  4. Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the snapping for you because I can't even create an Asset to start with! Although I've never used Assets before, I've followed these instructions: https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/SymbolsAssets/assets.html?title=Using assets but my group of curves will not drag over to the subcategory in the Assets panel?
  5. Thanks Thomaso, This looks like it could be the best option for my requirements. I will give it a go. Much appreciated 😀
  6. Oh, that makes sense why the macro was doing strange things for me (the documents were different sizes). I think I will have to resort to your former option with the template, because I can resize the image, within the template (no need to crop or resize the canvas). Incidentally, I noticed the template opens by default in Publisher for me, anyway to change this?
  7. Thanks so much for your reply David, Do you mean, dropping my images (and layers) into the template, and then saving and new files? That could work, but I have about 100 TIFF files each with images and layers within them. What I would like to do, if possible, is to open up each TIFF file, then apply the same guides as the previous file or from the template (if it was possible), make my image adjustments and then save the same TIFF file. Does that make sense?
  8. Hello great community, I'm using Affinity Photo and I've setup guides in an image and they work perfectly so that I can resize my product to fit within them. However, when I open up another image (new product), I have to setup the guides again. Since I'm trying to do this across about a hundred images, I was hoping there was a way to setup a template or copy/paste action into each new image I open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ps the images I'm opening are all individual TIFF files (with layers)
  9. Oh, I see Shane, but that's not happening for me. Here's an image I've uploaded... I'm using AP 1.8.3 on a mac
  10. I'm not sure if this helps but I noticed that the layer needs to be unlocked to work like Photoshop. ie use the Marquee tool to select your area, unlock the layer, change to the Move Tool and then drag across. Seems to work for me.
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