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  1. I have gone to your store, clicked on Designer, Photo, and Publisher, as well as on the 2 workbooks. I have gone through the process of filling in every field in your order form and provided all the information. I started with one of my cards. You wouldn't take it. I put in another card. You wouldn't take it. I called my bank. They said the cards were flagged for security purposes. They gave me a number to call at my bank's headquarters. There they took off their flags, and tried putting the card I wanted to use, through. They got back to me that it is the site that you folks are using that is not letting my cards come through, though. So, if you're not liking my cards, will you take a check? If so, I need an address. Or I'll have to become an Adobe slave again. Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you. I guess I'll be back with $250. Jo
  3. I have the very same Question. I tried to get to my account, but I was told that my email was incorrect, yet I could get into my account with the forum url I had when I started with the 90 day trial. The cost was half for everything but the workbooks. I have decided that I want to buy the apps and the books, but I am having a heck of a time trying to even get onto/into my own account. BTW, I checked in my account to see if I had made a typo either on the account here or on my email account password to get into my account in the first place. Both of my fields the same, and they are accurate. Please contact me via my email so I can buy your products, or I'll have to restart my Adobe account again. Yes, I already dropped them.
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