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  1. As the video demonstrates: 2021年02月07日 18时43分42秒.mkv
  2. It's actually the method of implementing Smart Object . Since now Affinity have implemented Embedded Document and Linked Document , as long as there is a convenient option to convert layers or groups into a embedded document, the Smart Object feature of PhotoShop can finally have replacement. This will be really convenient feature, please you add it!
  3. Version: Describe: Switch language to Chinese (简体中文),and select painting tool, then press Ctrl + Alt + Left-click then drag, users can change the pen size and hardness, but the hint display is not quite correct, as some characters can't be shown correctly. And, btw, many articles in Affinity Spotlight like this says the modifier keys on Windows is Alt+Right click then dragging while it should be Ctrl + Alt + Left-click then drag, I wish these mistakes could be corrected.
  4. When processing images like that: Vertical text feature is creatically needed.
  5. Could you please support the Alipay or wechat payment? 99.99% Chinese people don't own a damn MasterCard or VISA, but 99% of them uses Alipay as their wallet! I wanna buy the AP, and I can't pay that!
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