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  1. Sure i can. Here you go. Thanks. Vicoustic_Super_Bass_Extreme.afphoto
  2. It is None ( white box with red slash). But the dropdown menu is greyness 50.
  3. Hi The exporter png is just like the default image (with the vertical lines in black) I havent changed anything iin the export dialog. Matte section is Greyness 50.
  4. I am trying to export this image with the transparent vertical lines, but its not getting transparent after exporting to png. Tried looking at some tutorials but cant figure out what to do. Need some help, please!
  5. Hi I am trying to fill a document with squares (size 48mm) which i can adjust individually. Is there a faster way doing this than what ive done so far, manually drawing each square with the pen tool? (in the image) I adjusted the grid to 48mm so it was easier to draw. Thanks for any input.
  6. This worked great. Using the curve shape and changing the blend mode to keep the wood texture 😀 Thanks.
  7. Hi Need some help with this image i have imported to affinity photo. What i want is to seperate all the "objects" in the image and treat them individually. I have marked some of them red just as an example. The reason is because i want to be able to fill the individual "objects" with different colours. So i wonder if there are any smart way to do this. And what tools i should use? Thanks for any help.
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