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  1. Its not really worth the time getting this perfect, but now im aware next time i shoot. So i just went with the easy solution on these images. As always thanks for support. Such a great place to ask questions.πŸ˜€
  2. Hm, maybe there some weird distortion going on. Difficult to straighten. The bottom line is pretty straight but the top is not. So no matter what i try i am not able to get it fully squared. Maybe its my camera lens or some settings. Im pretty sure the frame itself is squared.
  3. The new document were created with New from clipboard, thats why i thought it was a bit strange with the extra transparent space. If i could cut out the selected area (without the added transparent space) theres no need to straighten the image was what i thought.
  4. Hi In the first image i have made a selection. Then i paste the selction to a new layer in image 2. But why is there still that transparent space around the frame?
  5. Maybe i will. It has happened multiple times so i have to redownload each time. But the annoying part is spending 2 hours adding my own assets and then suddenly everything is gone. Is there a way to access the assets folder?
  6. Is there a bug with the assets? I installed all available assets in my account plus added some of my own. After restarting everything is gone except the iOS assets which offcourse is of no interest to me:) I am on windows 10.
  7. Hi How do i save an asset consisting of multiple curves? I have selected a symbol consisting of multiple curves to form a symbol or logo illustration. When dragged over to an asset folder the symbol form isnt kept, only the seperate curves. Is there a way to keep the form of the symbol?
  8. Thanks. Finally, this will be much easier workflow.πŸ˜€
  9. How do i save textlines and other objects for easy acess within the program globally? Like a textline i want to use on multiple documents and projects.
  10. Sure. Im not going to replicate any design. Other than experimenting with textured paper backgrounds in different colors and level of distressness than can resemble whats being used on an album cover. Its a nice example above although its a bit in the extreme end and it looks like the inner sleeve. Might be fun trying to use that if its ok.
  11. Hi Im going to make album art and want it to have that old vinyl record look. Anybody know where i can find background paper texture for this purpose?
  12. Thanks for sharing. Found some nice fontsπŸ˜€
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