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  1. would i be trolling here if i threw a request for pinch-to-zoom (and rotate!) on touch-based wacom tablets?
  2. Love the pinch to zoom on the track pad. Wish pinch to zoom worked with wacom "touch" devices.
  3. Just checked with the App Store version to confirm that it is working. Just switched back to the App Store version because Spacebar combo was working - then i began drawing in a raster layer, attempted to zoom with spacebar combo, and viola! I am presented with a tracking tool when i press the spacebar, but when I to modifying with key combos (control, control/alt) tracking tool is persistent and no zooming occurs. Running Beta 1.0.19988 in Yosemite I'm having trouble zooming in raster mode using the spacebar/alt combination. I'm also seeing the "Hand" - tracking tool when the paintbrush is selected.
  4. "Pinch to zoom" is not working with a wacom cintiq (two finger scroll DOES work). All gestures work as expected on MacBook Air trackpad with Mountain Lion. Unsure about whether i should post in feature requests or bugs. Just updated to the newly released wacom drivers (post yosemite).
  5. I seek a quick(er) way to close curves drawn with the pencil tool. Currently i'm drawing lines (open curves) with the pencil tool then switching to the node tool and click "close curve."
  6. With Cintiq, "Pinch to Zoom" is not working in AD (working per usual in other apps) after Yosemite update. Scrolling is working. Whatever setting i was using with the touchring stopped working in AD - have reverted to cmd+ Ahh, right; my question (to assuage my fears of creeping dementia): Was pinch to zoom working with AD in 10.9 (with Cintiq)?
  7. The behavior of "lasso - delete" is consistent with your stated expectations - as long as you have selected a raster or "pixel" layer. If you've drawn vector or "curve" layers and want to make a selection with your lasso to create a shape by deleting you'll want to first layer/rasterize that "curve" (or multiple curves, depending upon your image). I may be wrong, as i've only used the app for 5 minutes, so i'd happily be disabused by a "veteran." -d
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