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  1. I just learned about the trick of using a Gaussian Blur FX (instead of a live filter) to blur the edges of a layer I intend to use as a mask for another layer. It is an easy way of getting softer edges for a mask. Sadly, this trick doesn't work on Masks. There I'd still have to use a Gaussian Blur live filter (which is somewhat cumbersome due to this bug...). So, being able to apply a Gaussian Blur FX to a Mask would be amazing, particularly because it would remove one layer from the stack (since the FX lives on the layer itself).
  2. Efficiency. Its several unnecessary steps I'd rather avoid. And always remember, Affinity is jumping into the water with an extremely large fish (Photoshop). It'll always have to stand that comparisson if it wants to compete in a professional market. In some areas Affinity is doing an awesome job. In others, there's room for improvement Wow, it even works with pixel images (not just with shapes). This is even more convenient for me than using a live filter. One layer less in my stack. Thanks so much. I'll use and teach that approach in the future 👍 Maybe it would be a good ide
  3. By the way, in today's course I did a quick poll. 80% of them suffered from the above issue. So it seems its rather widespread...
  4. Hey everyone, I am experiencing this pretty annoying bug, where the children of a layer that is being used as a mask layer are not accessible anymore. When for example I want to dynamically feather a mask by using a Gaussian Blur live filter, I can only set the live filter as a child, if I move the mask to the top layer of the hierarchy. There I can drop the live filter onto the mask (to make it a child). When I then drop that mask onto an image, it behaves as it is supposed to, even dynamically blurring the mask if I change it. BUT I cannot access or change the settings of the Gaussian B
  5. In that case, I used the term incorrectly. But my feature request remains the same.
  6. But why can't we use a Drag + RightMouse action? Surely the computer can register when the right mouse button is being pressed. Then the left mouse button wouldn't be needed. Ah, I didn't know that. But Brush Size and Hardness are also displayed when pressing ALT + RightMouse + LeftMouse. Brush Spacing and Rotation would be the perfect setting to use as secondary ALT action. Thanks for mentioning that! 😀 By the way, just to make my intentions clear: I am not trying to win an argument. I am just trying to get the logic behind the current behavior and - if possib
  7. Well, in the above cases the RightMouse button doesn't serve any other purpose. So using RightMouse + LeftMouse is completely unnecessary.
  8. This is a tricky one to formulate, since it touches different tools (and at this point I can't even see its overall implicatins). So I am very much open to discussions Right-Click vs. Right+Left-Click Example 1 - Lasso Tool: To add to a selection, you have to hold down Right + Left Mouse button. To subtract from your selection, you have to hold down the ALT key. The following thoughts pop into my head: Those seem like two different concepts (one using a modifier key, the other using some fancy mouse button magic) Why do I have to press two mouse buttons? Wouldn't one
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