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  1. Thanks Paul G. IO could follow everything until point 7. How to had a hight pass live filter? Can't find it. Cheers, Greg.
  2. Hi Affinity Apple Mac desktop developper, I am an artist who makes geometric paintings full of various colors. As I would like to create a colouring book, I have used the adjustment 'Black and white' but it doesn't answer to my needs as, even if the colors disappeared, there are various kinds of white/grey colors whereas I am looking for getting only full white everywhere still keeping the black lines. I have asked support from the support community and people gave me a few options. The best and easy one is to use the adjustment 'Threshold' and to reduce the % of threshold. In this case,
  3. Hi First defence, This is exactly what I am looking for!!! But, I was not able to obtain this result reading your instruction and I do not know where I made a mistake (knowing for instance that I couldn't find 'click on layer fill layer'). Possible to show the steps in a video? Thanks in advance for your support, Greg.
  4. Hi Thanks, even when looking at the video, I am still struggling. Possible to show another video changing the orange in blue, the dard brown in green and the light brown in red? Thanks in advance for your support. Greg.
  5. Dear All, For getting my painting is totally black and white, my problem is fixed. But, in this request, I need to find a way to replace easily and rapidly all the geometric forms of one color (ex: The orange color) to another color of my choice (ex: Blue). Then, I could apply the same principal to others colors visible in the painting. Note: I do not use vector. It is just a scan on JPG of one of my painting. Possible? Cheers, Greg.
  6. Dear All, Thank you for your feedbacks! I have made various tests and it seems that the easiest/quickest and best way is to apply 'Threshold' and move it to 25%. See attached result 😄 Note: Thanks to another help, I was also able to show hall in color and the other half in black and white. Problem is fixed so case can be closed :) Regards, Greg.
  7. Hi Andy 5, Sorry but I am still a novice with Affinity and so do not understand how to perform the steps that you have explained. Possible to give me a kind of step by step (ex: How to apply a blend mode)? Regards, Greg.
  8. That's correct. I want all areas to be fully white keeping only the black lines still fully black. In your example H-D, I can still see geometric forms being fully black :(
  9. Hi Andy, Can you, please, provide more details how to do it? Indeed, I do not understand how to 'set the blend mode to 'hue'. As I would like to get the entire painting in full white (and only keeping the black lines) then, this could be helpful as I could apply a white rectangle. But, what I also need to be able to change each color visible. So, for instance, to apply green instead of orange, to apply blue instead of dark brown and red instead of light brow. Ideally, I would like that all form with a same color (ex: orange) changed all automatically to for instance green.
  10. Thank you ALL, I was able to deselect in order to stop seeing the highlighted triangle and I have exactly what I was looking for! Problem solved!!! And thank you for your quick and useful support 😄 Regards, Greg.
  11. HI Carl, I have used threshold and in a way it worked and I have only full white now :) But, unfortunately, as you can see from the picture, my black lines are not fully black anymore as having lot of white dots inside which doesn't make the end result good. So, is there a way to get full white but being able to keep the full black? Regards, Greg.
  12. FYI, After making the triangle and clicked on selection, I was able to use the bush to show the color where I wanted perfectly! Thanks! Once done, the strange thing is that I keep seeing the triangle highlighted with small dots (which is not visible when I export). I have tried to delete it but then everything inside is deleted. So, shall I expect it to always be highlighted or is there a way to remove its highlightment like it doesn't appear anymore when I export the image? Thanks! Greg.
  13. Hi Joachim, Sorry but I am new to Affinity and do not understand. How to get snapping enabled? Do I already need to have my black and white adjustment when going to selection? Do I need to do this on the original (coloured) or on the adjustment 'Black and white? Hi Alfred, I do not understand what you mean by 'drag the triangle layer and drop it to the thumbnail of the adjustment layer. Possible to clarify? Cheers, Greg
  14. Hi Walt, After making a painting on paper, I have scanned it in JPG, so, it is not a vector. Can you help now? Cheers, Greg.
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