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  1. Help, I don't know how to make this work. I have tried every single vector app I could find for the iPad, with the simple requirement that I want to: Draw with a brush tool with variable-width strokes Have actual strokes with handles that I can manipulate Expand the paths to shapes Every single program I've tried either: doesn't expand strokes properly (Affinity Designer) (I've tried the "zoom in" trick and I still can't get it to expand exactly the way I drew it) ends up with 10 million anchor points for the simplest shape (iDraw/Graphic) doesn't result
  2. I also would like this feature! Global colors wouldn't be a solution for me. After creating an svg for the cricut, I need to group all of the objects of a single color together, for each color. In illustrator I do this by selecting, say, one black object, and then selecting all of the same fill color.
  3. Well, that's strange... If I create a new rectangle, then it works. So I guess something is just off with that particular object. So I'll just create new rectangles to replace the defunct ones. Thank you for the video, it made me realize that there was just something wrong with my particular objects.
  4. OMG, that's so weird! Yes I will do a screen recording!
  5. Hi, I have created a rectangle using the shape tool. I put a thick black stroke on it with no fill. When I select the shape and click “expand stroke”, it appears to be the correct type of shape that I want (except with no fill or stroke) but adding a fill does nothing. Theoretically, I think it should look the same as it did originally, but the thick black stroke would instead be a fill. When I set the fill to black, the appearance doesn’t change, i.e. no black shows up. Thanks!
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