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  1. Hi, I have create this illustration with both vector and pixel layers. I want to add a black / white outline to it. So far I tried to look for a way I could offset the path but I could not find anything. I also tried to united/add all items but that options is not even available.
  2. I did not meant it in a bad way. I tough that the sarcasm will show it. Maybe a should have been professional.
  3. I have found a single tutorial similar to what I need and he provided this trample, This is exactly how I build patterns. I change the look of it as I don't need other graphics in my workflow and for the brick pattern I did not use a square as I could not manage to make it fit inside of one. Also, since you this good with creating pattern brushes why the Holy Mother of Tarzan you don't make a tutorial? Or the secret knowledge shall not be share (with a black lambo in the background)?
  4. Cool! I am trying to make one of my own. I don't now this thing frustrates me so much... I really want to make one of my own :))
  5. Yeah, it too me some time to figure those things out too. Still did not manage to make them working in a square. Thanks! How did you add nozzles? for me it's grayed out.
  6. How did you manage to get it to work into a square? I couldn't get the right dimensions.
  7. I have tried to use a 2k texture with 400 dpi and it has the same effect. It still looks bad but what your version did, was to get rid of that weird bleed that I have in mine textures.
  8. Yes I tried to do it with this img witch is the same size 1024 / 1172 px but this is what happens
  9. This is exactly what I did. Even if I leave it at the default 100% it still doesn't look good.
  10. The brush icon in the layers panel. If I do that it makes the bricks really big. If I resize the brush the bricks remain the same size, only the painting area is changing. If I scale it to get the bricks the size I want I get the same result.
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