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  1. @Kolloom It can be the tablet causing the issue. We had this last week with a different tablet. I managed to repeat it on my Windows laptop but I could only get it to happen in Firefox. Do you have the latest driver installed? I can see from their website that they released a new driver in September 2021.
  2. @jln_brtn Thanks for the crash log. We were unable to reproduce the issue from scratch. Could you upload the document here so we can take a closer look at it please? Is this happening for you on a specific document or any document when you do this?
  3. @Filmator Thanks for sharing your workaround. The issue has been logged already and the development team are aware of it.
  4. Hi @Filmator Welcome to the Affinity forums! I wasn't able to recreate your crash. Let us know if it's still happening when you've updated your drivers as per @Komatös's advice above.
  5. Hi @jln_brtn Welcome to the Affinity forums! Does this also happen with Hardware Acceleration off? I couldn't see your crash log, would you be able to attach it here please?
  6. Hi @asherdub Welcome to the Affinity forums! Sorry to hear you are unable to open your project. Could you upload it here so we can take a look please?
  7. Hi @0rAX0 Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. Could you upload your document here please so we can take a look?
  8. HI @Taivi Sorry to hear you experiencing crashes and loss of work. Saving in multiple locations is a very good habit to get into regardless of the software that you use. So that I can look into your specific issue can you give me some more information? What Mac & macOS are you using? Is this happening with specific files or on new document as well? If it affects specific files could you upload them here so we can take a look please? Did you get a crash log when the app closed? If so, could you attach it here or upload it to the link above?
  9. Hi @bibblefutzer I have managed to recreate the crash. Windows - My document appears to be perpetually loading - doesn't open. macOS - I can open the document and if I hide the nested symbol under the main symbol it will crash. - Looking at the crash log it says that you have an orphaned colour tag. When we added a colour tag to the symbols I was able to hide layers without it crashing any more on macOS. I'm still unable to load it on Windows. I'll get the issue logged and pass it on to the development team.
  10. Hi @Anwar_ I've moved your comment to a new thread so it doesn't get confusing. Are you also having problems opening older Designer files? If so can you upload them here please?
  11. I've checked and this issue has been logged so will hopefully be fixed in the next Beta.
  12. The .dmp file is the same. Once you have added the extra text, make sure you overwrite the existing one by saving and checking the file name remains Designer.exe.config. You will need to be an admin to do that. I'm glad you were able to open the files. It seems the act of moving them helps resolve the issue. Once we have looked at the .dmp file we might have more idea of what caused the issue.
  13. Thanks, we'll take a look. I have sent the link to you in a message.
  14. @Leslie Infographie I resaved your files and uploaded them to the dropbox folder. Can you download them to your desktop and see if you are able to open them?
  15. Hi @Leslie Infographie I'm not able to properly view your crash logs. Would you be able to try the following for me and hopefully we will be able to get a bit more information on what is happening? Go to C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer\ and open the Designer.exe.config file inside a text editor. Could you add the following line between the <runtime</runtime> section of the file: <ZapDisable enabled="1" /> Once that has done, could you launch Designer again and try to open one of the files in question? After crashing go back to %APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\CrashReports\reports and attach the most recent crash report that corresponds to the time that you crash. This should tell us a bit more.
  16. Hi @bibblefutzer Welcome to the Affinity forums! Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashes but it's good to see you found a workaround. Thanks for sharing it on here too. Could you upload your file so I can attempt to repeat your findings please?
  17. Hi @Leslie Infographie I was able to open them all without any issues. Can you tell me where they are stored? Are they on a local drive, a network drive or in the cloud? Would you also be able to upload a crash log: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98904-faq-where-to-find-crash-reports/
  18. @BRlombardi After a bit of exploration I've just experienced this in Firefox using the Huion tablet I mentioned above. I was clicking a bookmark and nothing was happening but as soon as I used the laptop trackpad it worked fine. It seems to happen for about 10 minutes and start working again. It keeps going on and off like this, I'm not sure if that is down to the driver or the pen but it might be worth checking in the Huion community.
  19. Do you have the latest driver installed? I notice on their website that they released a new one on the 11th September this year. I've just tried a Huion tablet, not the one you have unfortunately, but this one seems fine with
  20. Hi @BRlombardi Sorry for the delay in replying. Are you still experiencing this issue? Is it only happening with Designer or does it happen in other apps as well? Also, is it just happening when changing tools or are there any other actions in Designer where this happens?
  21. Hi @Leslie Infographie Welcome to the Affinity forums! Could you upload a couple of the files that are crashing here please?
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