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  1. Not all of us are perfectionists like you R C-R. Sometimes we need a quick and dirty method to scale a lo-res bitmap icon or something. I don't think there is a dispute here about this being a value add for a large portion of AD users. Just because you don't see any value doesn't mean there isn't any. There is a reason why this has been a staple feature in most vector art programs for the past 20 years. Unnecessary nodes? Yes, I know, I use Vector Magic, and although it's really good, it's not perfect, but I don't need perfect, I need a fast workflow. Thanks for your experience and feedback though. ;-)
  2. Here is an almost 20 year old open source project: http://autotrace.sourceforge.net/index.html#intro There is also an app on the App Store called Super Vectorizer, that started out of a one man shop. This isn't tough. There are so many image processing libraries, I wouldn't be surprised to find out there is even example code for Xcode and swift to do this. My point is, even if it's basic B&W shape tracing, it would be a very welcome value add to any vector based drawing application. Affinity Designer should have this built-in as a core feature.
  3. @R C-R: Understood. However, I think the point we're all trying to make is that these techniques have been around for a very long time. CorelDRAW from 1994 running on Windows 3.1 could do tracing. There are small one man shops that offer vector tracing software on the App Store. With all the amazing things the Affinity devs have done in Photo and Designer, this should be a piece of cake for them. Maybe it's just a prioritization thing. If enough of us say "Please add this!" then it will find it's way into the software. For line art software, it's kinda a must really.
  4. What I find interesting is that Affinity Designer is trying to go head-to-head with Adobe Illustrator, and in so many ways its simply fantastic! However, and this is a big one, they obviously have in-house code to do vector tracing because Serif DrawPlus has it and they haven't figured out a way to incorporate it into Affinity Designer??? That's a shame, because you guys are getting so much good press, it's hard to convert people that are already entrenched in Illustrator, and you're just giving them more reasons not to take a second look. I would put this on your roadmap immediately and incorporate auto-trace ASAP. Just some friendly advice. Love your products! P.S. Another bit of unsolicited advice. Vector Magic is ancient, but good, really good. Maybe you guys can merge with them or license their technology. If you had the Vector Magic tracing engine inside Affinity Designer you would absolutely slaughter Adobe and Corel. Thats it, my two cents. ;-)
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