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  1. Mhh, when will it be fixed? If its a known error, why isn't fixed already? I think this issue occurs since some versions.
  2. Hello, if I mask a form with another form then there is a small border visible with the color of the parent form. My expectation is that there is no border, because all borders are disabled. Why this occurs and how can I avoid this? If I do nothing wrong then this is a really critical bug. BR Thorsten
  3. Ok...but this seems a valuable solution. Why is the setting not per default to 30 or 60 seconds? This problem hits every iPad, yet.
  4. Hej, this happens very often and everytime I lose my work. I work on a document in Designer on my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. All things are uptodate. If I switch to other apps, eg. Lightroom, because I export one artboard to PNG to prepare for use on my website, iOS decides to cleanup memory an ends Designer. But my work isn't saved. Why is there no automatically saving? I don't understand why this isn't implemented. I don't observe this behavior in other apps than the Affinity apps. In Photo this happens on a similar way. Out of my point of view this is the most critical behavior in your software and needs a fix as soon as possible. This is the only thing what I see that doesn't work properly. Ah...and save by hand isn't a valid workaround. Sometimes you forget it if you are in your workflow and sometimes I switch between 3 or 4 apps for an illustration. BR Thorsten
  5. Hej, I am using Designer and Photo for my projects and organizing them into projects. My projects are tutorials where I use photos and vector illustrations. Right now I need to create a project in Photo and in Designer and cannot see all assets, all media I am using for a specific project. In addition I have no parent folder in Files app where I can see all my files belonging to a specific project. My proposal is: - Synchronize projects (as an option at creation of an project) in both apps if installed - Create a folder in Files app with the name of the project (perhaps in an Affinity folder) - Show all files (designer and photo) in a project in both apps - If you tap on a photo file in designer AP will opened with this file and vice versa This would help to work in projects with multiple type of files. What did you think? BR Thorsten
  6. Understanding. Tried it now, all photos moved to a shared album will be resized to this size. This isn't dependent to Affinity Designer.
  7. Hello, usually I am using the export function to export (and share) my designs or drawings. But I have found out that the pngs I want to export always have a size of 2048px only, independent of the size of my drawing. What do I do? - Select the artboard I want to export - Open the export dialog and choose PNG as format - Press on the share button on the bottom left corner and choose "Add to shared album" (hope this is called in English iOS, too) - Inspect image in the shared album of the photo app with an exif viewer I see the size is max. 2048px, but the original is 4096px. Is there any settings I need to adjust? BR Thorsten
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